Hal Shouse

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We hunt over 225 days a year, in rain, mud and fog. We sell what we use. We will match or beat any dealers advertised price.

N-Vision Optics is committed to providing the highest quality, combat-proven electro-optical products and technologies. N-Vision Optics specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of night vision, thermal imaging, and custom optical solutions. With thousands of units currently in use around the globe, N-Vision Optics has established itself as a well-known global resource for night vision and thermal imaging equipment.


HALO Thermal Scopes Are The Pinnacle Of Electro-optical Engineering And Performance

HALO Thermal Scopes are designed and equipped with state of the art 12-micron thermal sensors and high end germanium lenses making them the ultimate solution for the serious hunter, operator, or shooting enthusiast.

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The ATLAS Thermal Binoculars Are The Perfect Tool For The Serious Outdoorsman

Whether your activities include long-range detection and surveillance or short to medium range scanning there is now an ATLAS option that will suit your needs. Choose the ATLAS that is best for you!

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Shoot-N-Glow Reactive Thermal Target

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Awesome HogSWAT Apparel

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