Hal Shouse


Here’s a couple pictures from Rickys last few nights of hunts. Check our calendar for dates that fit your schedule! Gunny’s schedule is filling up for 2020, 2021 dates #HogSWAT #pulsarthermalimaging

Here’s a few pictures from Rickys last few nights of hunts. #HogSWAT #pulsarthermalimaging

Jr makin a bacon butterfly 😐🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂 #hogswat #hoghunting

Great night for some hog control, not much moving but what did, shouldn’t have. #coyotehunting #hoghunting #hogswat #shootnglowthermaltargets #pulsarthermalimaging #nvision

What happens when you put two Tennessee hog killers in front of 20 pigs? The cooler fills up and peanut thieves die! We had a great hunt, I really enjoyed these two! #shootnglowthermaltargets #hogswat #hoghunting

Ricky and his Hog Hunter’s had a great night! Meat in the cooler, peanut thieves gone, and a coyote down. Great night out patrolling with HogSWAT!#pulsarthermalimaging #shootnglowthermaltargets #hoghunting

It poured on these two hogkillas for two nights straight! With Rickys guiding, they were able to put meat in the cooler n put a peanut thief outta business. Way to go Gunny!
#GunnyHunts #hunthogs #shootnglowthermaltargets #pulsarthermalimaging #nvisionoptics

Beautiful night for hunting last night, the peanut Theives were moving and my shooters had a blast! #Hogswat #hunt #hoghunt

Ricky got this hog huntin family on the meat!! Those smiles say it all!! We take families with kids as young as 11 so if you’re looking for a family friendly adventure, book with HogSWAT on our online calendar! #Hunt #familytime #hogswat #hoghunt

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"One of the most amazing things I’ve done. Very professional, and knows what he’s doing!"


William Early

"Great hunts, awesome optics, great guide and they are covered up with hogs!! #helpthefarmers #porkinthedirt"


Pelzer Springs Ranch

"Hal and the Hog Swat team are all very professional and knowledgeable of their trade.  I am proud to be able to hunt with them and most of all to call Hal one of my closest friends."


David and Amanda Daughtry