Hal Shouse


This father n son team was a blast to hunt with. Put this seed thief down 20 yards before he touched a single seed! Great job! #hunt #hoghunt #georgia @hogswat

Kaleb’s father n son team put a corn thief in the cooler. Come join us @hogswat #hunt #georgia #hoghunt

Kaleb got these to HogKillas on some more meat! Stopped dead in their tracks about to eat up some farmers corn. Great job guys!!! #geargia #hoghunt

COLD night! Most pigs were not moving last night, these ones, should’ve stayed put too! 5 on the ground outta 10 and a few left with a limp. Looking forward to seeing what tonight brings. #hunt #hoghunt #georgia

The father n son team, led by their guide Kakeb, knocked em down again last night! Crop protection/ seed over watch, will continue for the next month into peanut planting. If you’d like to help out a farmer, book your hunt at HogSWAT.com #hunt #Georgia

This father and son hog killin team, braved the rain and wind to put these corn thieves in the cooler.. 80 years young n not one complaint about the horrible weather. Great job Kaleb!! #hunt #georgia

Kaleb n his crew out killin corn thieves! Crop protection will be going on for the next few weeks, come lend a hand!! Book your hunt at HogSWAT.com

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"One of the most amazing things I’ve done. Very professional, and knows what he’s doing!"


William Early

"Great hunts, awesome optics, great guide and they are covered up with hogs!! #helpthefarmers #porkinthedirt"


Pelzer Springs Ranch

"Hal and the Hog Swat team are all very professional and knowledgeable of their trade.  I am proud to be able to hunt with them and most of all to call Hal one of my closest friends."


David and Amanda Daughtry