Hal Shouse

GunBuggy —- Helicopter fun at buggy pricing!

Gunbuggy…?? What is it?

The GunBuggy is a hog’s worst nightmare.  A hi-speed, off-road, electric sand rail, with Tesla batteries and 3 GunStations (2 are raised in the rear), complete with 2 AR-15s and a prototype Siaga 12g shotgun, all wearing Armasight thermal optics on top.  It was made from scratch, to shoot wild hogs on the run, and to do it with the highest degree of safety possible, while being infinitely lethal.  I told ‘Big John,’ at The Acme car company in PA, what I wanted.  We went back and forth for a few weeks, and he ended up building exactly what I wanted.  He delivered a one of a kind rolling chassis for us to gun up.

I based it off of the Navy SEALS fast attack buggy, except I made a few improvements.  First, its much lighter and powered by a powerful AC50 electric motor, with Tesla batteries.  I also included 2 GunStations up top, as opposed to the single the SEALs used.  With the inclusion of thermal targeting, were able to spot, sneak up on, and kill the hogs, before they know what hit them.  Survivors are quickly run down and shot, before they can make it to the woods.  It’s also an excellent platform for taking long shots, as the swing arms hold the weapon very steady.  We stop, allow the shooter to target the hog and squeeze off a round, while looking at a monitor.  It’s like a video game, except you get real bacon as the reward!

We bought the same swing arm pintle mounts we used in the Navy, from a company that builds them for the Navy.   With three of these as the platforms that hold the weapon, it also insures no GunStation can accidentally shoot at another GunStation.  What we end up with are very clearly defined shooting lanes, which we can dial into the mounts, before the hunt.  All weapons were converted to the spade style grips, with butterfly triggers, so you can shoot comfortably while harnessed in.  The thermal optics feed to seal monitors, you use for targeting.  Smoke, dust, rain will all be non-issues, for our shooters.

This is the perfect platform for hunters with limited mobility, where stalking on foot across fields is either difficult or impossible.

Book a standard hunt from November -April and if the conditions are right to use the GunBuggy, your guide will offer the upgrade  They are $1000 a seat.  Ammo is included.

Keep following this page, as updates will be coming daily.

Well…Its done!!

The Tesla batteries installed

Rick doing final assembly

Syd checking sight alignment on the ol SounderPounder.

First coat of black bed liner.

Rick doing final fabrication before it gets painted with the bed liner.

You can see where the PTZ unit will go. The GoPro and the thermal will be up there for the driver. Everything you see in the Gopro videos will have the same perspective in thermal, its gonna be kool if it works!!

Rick burin the midnight oil. This is the battery box door he’s building. Lights have been placed temporarily and will be removed soon for paint, bed liner in black.


VW bus transaxle- The AC50 will bolt directly to this with the adapter that EV West provides in the kit.


6 Tesla batteries


AC50 motor — 120 foot pounds of TQ instantly!


The kit from EV West. Top notch kit from a great company.


This is what we started with. It was about to become a standard 4 seater when it got a little reengineering before it got welded up.


Starting to come together


Lil John from Acme car company delivering the roller.. he posed with the Siaga for a laugh.


Serious offroad suspension for smoothie out those rough spots..


The prototype Siaga 12g.. Made for mounting to a vehicle One of one. Were putting an Armasight thermal onto too!!


These are some super smooth, super durable mounts for our weapons, lots of stability.


This is what it looked like when it rolled off the trailer. We’ve got it torn down and its just about ready for reassembly.. Then its time to hunt

Stripped and primed ready for black bedlinen all over.

Stripped and primed ready for black bedlinen all over.